Pistol League

BESA hosts Pistol Leagues that begin three different times during the year. The Pistol Leagues welcome BESA members and non-members of both genders, of all ages and levels of shooting ability. The purpose of BESA Pistol Leagues is to allow shooters to gain experience with their pistol(s) while striving to improve their shooting skill and to allow participants the opportunity to gain knowledge from and build friendships with other firearm enthusiasts.
The WINTER PISTOL LEAGUE begins on the first Saturday after the New Year and runs for 10 weeks. Shooting starts at 1PM.

The SUMMER PISTOL LEAGUE begins the first Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs for 10 weeks. Shooting starts at 4PM.

The BIG GAME HUNTING LEAGUE begins the Tuesday after Labor Day each September and runs for four weeks to prepare shooters for hunting with a pistol. This League uses Delta large/small paper game targets with shooting from 4PM to 8 PM at 25 and 50 yard distances.

The WINTER/SUMMER Leagues use the same silhouette scoring targets with the course of fire, as follows:

Stage 1 (large silhouette target)
50 yards; 12 shots, seated & supported, 4 minutes; one reload required.
Stage 2 (large silhouette target)
25 yards; total of 18 shots, standing in 1 minute: 6 right side barricade supported, 6 left side barricade supported, 6 unsupported (any order); one reload after each six shots required.
Stage 3 (small silhouette target)
50 feet; total of 12 shots in 30 seconds: 6 shots sitting unsupported, 6 shots standing unsupported; one reload required after first six shots.
Stage 4(small silhouette target)
~20 feet: 6 shots standing unsupported in 6 seconds.
Total for four stages of fire: 48 shots

All shooters must have at least two speed loaders (for revolvers) or three clips with at least six shots each (for semi-autos) as there is not time within a stage of fire for lengthy reloading. Speed loaders and clips can be reloaded between stages as necessary.

More Questions? Contact Steve at 651 777-7224 sajansen@yahoo.com or Bob at bobyund@gmail.com