5-Stand consists of 5 different shooting stations from which each shooter gets to shoot 5 different target presentations. A full round consists of 25 targets per shooter.

Each trap has a unique presentation from running rabbit to springing teal and also includes incoming, outgoing, quartering-away, quartering-in and other angled targets.

Up to 5 shooters participate in a round and shoot at each of the 5 stations or stands. On the first pass at each stand, the shooter gets a 2-Shot Single target from one of the numbered presentations. Next, each shooter gets what is known as a Report Pair of targets. This is where after the first shot is fired, the second target is released. On the third and final pass on each stand, the shooter receives a True Pair of targets with both targets thrown simultaneously. Each shooter then moves to the next stand. That’s a total of 5-targets at each of the 5 stands for 25 total clays.

The beauty of 5-Stand is that not only are there different presentations at each station, but the order of them can be altered each day. For that matter, the location of the traps themselves can be changed from time to time so that the presentations can vary.

Costs to maintain the 5-Stand are a bit higher than for a round of Skeet or Trap. That’s because this game requires a Trapper to be on hand to regulate all 8 Traps and the release of the targets. So the cost for a round of 5-Stand has been set $1 per round higher than our Trap and Skeet.

If you haven’t seen or experienced 5-Stand yet, do yourself a favor and come out and take a look; but bring your shotgun and shells. You’re bound to want to give it a try.