Archery Facilities

Archery Facilities

Outdoor Archery Practice Range:

  • targets from 5 to 80 yards
  • designated crossbow targets
  • Large elevated shooting platform
  • Flood lights for shooting at night

North & South Courses:

BESA’s 80 acres provides for 2 unique archery trails that wind their way through hardwoods, pines, around ponds, and along open fields & prairies. This unique combination of landscapes along with a multiple loop trail system, elevated platforms, and both field archery and Rinehart 3D targets provides the archer with ever changing shooting challenges.

  • 20 Rinehart 3D targets set up from April thru October
  • Over 40 shooting lanes per course provide for an ever changing variety of shooting challenges
  • Several elevated shooting platforms
  • Color coded shooting stakes
    • Challenge (blue), 30-80 yards
    • Bowhunter (red), 15 – 45 yards
    • Traditional (orange), 5-20 yards

Public Hours/Fees:

  • All Sunday 3D shoots are open to the public (see specific activity web page)
  • Saturday Public Hours: See BESA Home Page Online Calendar for updated times/dates
    • 10 AM – 5 PM
    • April – October
  • $5 Archery Practice Range
  • $10 Archery Practice Range & 3D Archery Course

BESA Member Hours/Fees:

  • All leagues/shoots are open to BESA Members (see specific activity web page)
  • Archery Range & 3D Trails are open to members 24/7 unless there is a scheduled event
    • Be sure to check BESA Home Page Online Calendar for updated times/dates, events
  • Free Archery Practice Range use
  • $5 for 3D Archery Course