Cowboy Shoots

From 10:00am to 5:00pm

View the current calendar for action shooting dates.

Pre 1898 or replicas, Single action pistol, Lever rifle, Double barrel Shotguns with no ejector. No Winchester model 12’s allowed. Winchester model 93 or 97 are allowed

Lead only, No jacketed bullets. Rifle and pistol cartridges 1,000 FPS or less. Shotgun, Trap loads only #6 or smaller. Acceptable pistol calibers are 45 Colt, 44 Magnum or special, 44 WCF, 38 Special, 38 WCF, 32 WCF & 25 WCF. NO 30-30’s or other rifle cartridges.

Cowboy boots and hat; 1880’s apparel if available.

Paper or steel.

Safety is IMPERATIVE any action or person that is deemed to be unsafe will be stopped and asked to leave the club property.

Eye and Ear protection is mandatory!

Cost – $10.00 per event
The public is invited to watch or participate.
Just maybe Cowboy action shooting is for you!

All cowboy action shooters will be asked to participate in the pursuit of fun, not Victory.