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Current Newsletter:
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Fall Leagues starting soon.

Check the calendar for those sports not listed below.


Fall Skeet & 5 Stand will be running Mon. & Fri. nights 4:00 – 8:00 and Wed. afternoons 11:00 – 3:00 until the end of Oct.  There are Leagues and public shooting available.   Come on out.  A great way to sharpen up for hunting season.

Pistol Hunting League

The Big Game Hunting Pistol League will begin on Tuesday, Sept 1st and run for 4 weeks starting @ 4:00 p.m.  We will be shooting at Delta Tru-Life paper targets on both the 25 & 50 yard ranges.

This league is open to all  ”deer legal “ handgun calibers, see criteria below.   Ample time is provided for single loading Thompson Center weapons w/ 24 Score-able shots on each range. ”Mn. LEGAL FIREARMS FOR BIG GAME: Minimum .220 caliber w/ center fire ignition.”

The cost will be $30 for club members /  $40 guests for the four week league. Sign-up is at the range on Sept 1st and limited to the 1st  30 shooters.

NOTE: In the spirit of realistic handgun “Hunting Conditions” we’re pulling those hog legs otta the cradle and off the caldwell style rests . You will not be allowed to build sand bag platforms for the supported portions of this league…
“Safely” rested off shooting sticks, tabletop bench rested, tabletop wrist rested or other real life tree stand rail type hunting systems will be required so please plan ahead to make that dog hunt!  Think woods/tree stand worthy = league worthy.


Sorry,  no Lions.

For more information contact Steve Jansen, 651 777-7224