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The 2018 Membership Renewal invoices have been sent out to members.

The annual renewal notices were sent on November 24-25th via email OR US postal service. If you need a copy of your invoice, email to request one, or contact her via the phone number listed in your newsletter.

Membership renewal deadline is February 20th.

Winter Skeet & 5 Stand League, and open shooting begins Saturday January 6th and will run Saturdays until March 17th.

Shooting times will be 10AM to 5PM each Saturday. It is open to members and non members.

Leagues consist of 12 gauge, 20/28 gauge, 410 and 5 Stand.

The fee for the league is $5 plus the cost of your rounds.

Bundle up and come out for some cold weather fun.

Contact Al Savage with questions.


The WINTER PRACTICAL PISTOL LEAGUE begins on Saturday January 6th @ 1:00 P.M.

Yea, it’s cold but not that bad if you dress for it….  We shoot every week no matter what!!

Show up for wk 2 on Sat 1-13 to sign up, bring 100 rounds if you want to catch up..

Come out for 10 great weeks of shooting fun & meet Coolhand Ma gooooh, Hopee, Slammy Davis, The Counterfeiter and Delow Cator!!!  Who knows, you may even earn your own catchy Moniker!!  SIGN UP IS 1:00 p.m. AT THE RANGE on Jan 6thand limited to the 1st 40 shooters.

This league is open to all handgun calibers and runs for 10 weeks with shooting from 1:00 pm. – 5:00 pm.  The member cost is $35.00 for the 1st handgun and $20.00 for a 2nd gun.  Non-member cost is $45.00 for the 1st handgun and $25.00 for a 2nd gun.

The league follows the PPCPractical Pistol Coarse’ format using orange, green, blue and black B-27E and B-29 silhouette targets. The course of fire can be found under the leagues / pistol links of the BESA web page.

All shooters must have at least two speed loaders (for revolvers) or three clips with at least six shots each (for semi-automatics). For more information contact Steve at or Bob at





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